How do I know if I’m infected?

The ultimate symptom of the disease is the loosening of teeth. But luckily there are earlier symptoms of periodontitis that should get your attention.

The first two signs of incipient periodontitis are bleeding gums and bad breath. The term “periodontitis” comes from the type of flora present in the mouth. This infection causes very bad breath.
Other symptoms include pain, swelling, and redness.

All these warning signs should prompt you to check your gums. Indeed, bacteria and parasites go under the gums and damage the underlying tissues. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the more the aesthetic and functional consequences of the disease can be reduced and simpler treatment can be.

Please note that the disease can sometimes “hide”! Using peroxide and baking soda to brush the gums will cause them to bleed less. A diagnosis from your dentist will always be useful to remove all doubt about the status of your condition!

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