The early stages of gum infection

The gums bleed easily. They are swollen and very red in appearance. The beginning of bad breath is noted. Looking at the gums under a microscope, one can see is mobile microflora and lots of bacteria.


Flora disturbed

Flore de gingivite


Bleeding gums are more pronounced. A deterioration of the bone can be seen using radiography. Pockets develop around the teeth. Microbial flora, white blood cells, motile bacteria, and the frequent presence of parasites are all observable under a microscope.


  • Increased bleeding of the gums
  • Flora with many white blood cells (pus) and parasitic amoeba (which are harmful to the body)

Flore de parodontite

Advanced periodontitis

Bleeding of the gums may be more pronounced. Abscesses can appear. The gum retracts. Bone loss is greater. You can see white blood cells and parasites. Spaces called black holes form between the teeth, and the teeth move.

Advanced periodontitis

  • Gums are rather red
  • Swollen, inflamed
  • Amoeba nests are present



    Periodontitis is a contagious disease. If you are infected, it is highly likely that your partner is too! Remember to advise him or her get a consultation to be diagnosed! Dangerous places you can catch oral parasites include contaminated water in the tropics and animals, especially dogs.

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