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“Periodontal Healing Protocol Bonner Dunoyé Protocol Copyright 2014” Click HERE!

Trevor Lyons Book Illustrations

Trevor Lyons Introduction to Protozoa and Fungi in Periodontal Infections

For more information about our methodology, please read our explanatory book or read the book that we published on the periodontal healing method.

A kiss for 10 seconds can transfer 80 million bacteria (Microbiome, 2014).

“So many mouths to heal … the parasites that vampirisent. Win periodontitis.” Editions Amyris 2009. Mark Bonner

“To Kiss or Not To Kiss.” Editions Amyris 2013. Mark Bonner
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For more information, visit the International Institute of Periodontics:

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In French region, contact the International Institute of Periodontics at No. 04 93 71 40 65

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