How To Cure

Heal. Traditional methods practiced by the majority of dentists and periodontists are especially mechanical or surgical and limited to the removal of tartar buildup around the teeth.

Periodontal disease is an infectious disease. Our method of removing microbes from the gums is using disinfectants suitable for your mouth. We thus will avoid painful surgical techniques.

We will treat the microbes themselves to prevent recidivism. We ask for your cooperation to regularly remove germs at home during your oral care routine. The method is painless and gets great results.


We will first make a diagnosis by looking at the germs that are present in your mouth. We will also measure the loosening of your teeth to determine the extent of your infection.
We will then make a microscopic analysis of your flora. Using a microscope is central to our approach since it will allow us to manage and adapt your disinfection to reduce your flora to a normal level and get you back to gingival health.

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Once diagnosed, we start treatment sessions once a month for a few months until we have the negative pathogens under control. Treatments are always painless.

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Once the infection is under control, we will eliminate the tartar hidden under your gums and healing will then begin.

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After a few months, you will be permanently cured and can keep your teeth and smile. Just watch for risky places around your mouth.

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There is no reason to lose any teeth.

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