Clinique dentaire spécialisée dans le traitement de la parodontite


Private Periodontal School specializing in Complete Periodontal Cure

Our vision of oral health leads us to use microbiota analysis of periodontal pocket to achieve complete periodontal cure.

Our goal is: No Pocket Depth higher than 3 mm, no Bleeding Points, Commensal Microbiota and Hygiene Autonomy for all patients. Complete health!

Do you want to learn how?
See “Periodontal Healing Protocol Bonner Dunoyé Copyright 2014“.

Our school offers 5 days seminars to learn apply the complete periodontal Cure technic into your office. This training is made for the entire staff including doctors, assistants, dental hygienist as well as reception office person.

Canada and US 819-260-1086
Europe +(33) 04 93 71 40 65

Seminars are hold in Montreal for US and CANADA, In Paris, Nice, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, Rennes for EUROPE.

More information is also available at International Institute of Periodontology The International Institute of periodontics

More information on our research and Curing protocols on Bonner

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